Services Offered

What Foster Care Services are Offered by Journey Home Foster Care?

Make a difference in the life of a child by becoming a foster parent through Journey Home Foster Care. Journey Home will educate and support you in providing a safe, loving home for children who have been abused or neglected.

• Family Foster Care (Traditional Foster Care)
We recruit, train, monitor, and license family foster homes to provide 24-hour care to children who have been removed from their homes due to physical or emotional abuse, abandonment, or lack of appropriate living situations

• Treatment Foster Care (Therapeutic Foster Care)
We recruit, train, monitor and license treatment foster homes to provide 24-hour care to children children with serious emotional problems, developmental issues, physical issues and/or significant medical needs, who may otherwise require residential or group home treatment. Treatment foster caregivers require experience in supporting their children
emotionally and behaviorally.  Providers offering this level of care receive additional training and support to assist them in the care of children placed in their care.

• Emergency Foster Care
Rapid placement of children who have recently been removed from their primary residence.  This type of care is provided in a licensed home by providers who have flexible scheduling allowing them to children out of crisis or in emergency situations. Often very little is known about the client and placements happen very quickly.

• Respite Care (Planned)
This service is provided in certified homes to give families, children, and care givers planned breaks from their current parenting situation.  Respite is available to children in both family foster homes and treatment levels of foster care, with an ultimate goal to provide rest and relax to prevent more intensive levels of care. Additionally, respite care services are offered to community members through Creative Options and Children Services as a method of trying to prevent disruptions in families, add stability to primary
families and prevent the placement of children in care.


• Emergency Respite Care
Crisis situations occur in every household. In an attempt to deescalate difficult situations, emergency respite care is utilized to allow all parties (parents and children) a cooling down period, so that the issues that led to the crisis can be more appropriately handled and hopefully prevented in the future. Emergency respite is available to children in both traditional and treatment foster care levels, as well as to primary families through Creative Options and Children Services, with an ultimate goal to provide a de-escalation period to allow for the maintenance of the placement.