Journey Home Foster Care & Adoption Agency - Tedd Murphy - President & Activity Director

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Tedd Murphy
President & Activity Director

I was born and raised in Zanesville, Ohio. From an early age, I began helping others. I attended college at Muskingum University as well as Marietta College. In my early years, I worked with at risk youth at Zanesville-Muskingum Housing Authority as the Youth Activities Coordinator for almost 5 years. I spent 10 years coaching baseball and basketball in Zanesville as we traveled the East-Coast playing. I spent 15 years with Domino’s Pizza and decided that I wanted to take my experience and explore other avenues. During that time, I adopted 2 kids and took custody of 2 more. I have lived the world of foster care and adoption, and whole-heartedly understand the frustrations of being a parent to our kids. When Journey Home was just in the planning stages, we implemented that our agency was built on the foundation of helping foster parents and kids enjoy their time in care.

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