Treatment Foster Care

Treatment foster care or therapeutic foster care placement is for a child that needs a higher level of care. This level of foster care is considered to be specialized due to the intensity of services provided to the child, who may have serious emotional, developmental, physical issues or have significant medical needs. Treatment foster caregivers have experience in supporting these children who may require additional support with counseling, basic skills training, behavioral issues, learning disabilities, or substance abuse. Foster caregivers offering this level of care will receive additional training and support to assist these children.

Journey Home Foster Care & Adoption Agency - Treatment Foster Care
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The Journey Home Foster Care program focuses on three key areas: Recruitment, Training, and Support.

We strive to find high-quality caregivers for the children we serve. The intended result of recruitment is to find a family who is motivated and committed to providing a safe and stable environment for a child. The knowledge and skills of the foster parents are critical to the well-being of the children in their care.
Our training takes a comprehensive approach and requires families to complete pre-service training prior to being licensed as a foster or adoptive home. Families must also complete ongoing training hours to continue their education. Journey Home offers many opportunities for ongoing training and a variety of topics to meet the needs of the families and children that we serve.
After a child is placed with a family, the goal is to provide unequaled support for the entire family. Our experienced and professional case managers are committed and available to the families. They also provide in-home services, identify community resources, and act as the liaison between the family and the CPS caseworker.