Professional Foster Care Parents Needed!

Are you interested in working with kids with challenging circumstances? There is a desperate need for Professional Foster Parents to work with high-needs kids in Ohio. Journey Home Foster Care is currently accepting applications from Professional Foster Parents who want to join our Treatment Foster Care Team.

Treatment Foster Care Families are an essential part of a child’s life. They provide the child with a physical home, nutritious meals, clothing, appropriate educational experience, transportation and function as the primary caregiver for a child placed in their home.

Qualified families must have at least one parent who has a flexible schedule, will be available to participate in regular meetings and appointments, communicate effectively via telephone, email, and face-to-face, have adequate transportation to meet their child’s needs, and a willingness to “parent consciously”. Families must meet State Minimum Standards including participating in initial and ongoing training, initial and ongoing inspections and maintenance of their physical property/home, and maintain the consistent ability to provide all necessary transportation for the child in care.

Journey Home provides Treatment Foster Care Families (Professional Foster Parents) with financial support to assist in maintaining one flexible parent and to ensure availability of funds to implement plans and meet the child’s needs.

Caregivers certified by Journey Home Foster Care will receive a daily per diem stipend between $40.00 and $65.00 per child placed in their home depending upon the needs of the child and requirements on the family.