Our Story

A Few Words About Us

The Journey Home Difference

We are not your ordinary foster care agency that just drops children off at a foster family’s door, leaving the rest of the work in the hands of the foster parents. Journey Home’s purpose is to help children and support our foster parents. At Journey Home, we understand that children learn from their experiences. Children in foster care have already had many obstacles in life, and we want their experiences in foster care with us to be positive. We desire to build lasting connections to help children realize their potential, to give them a reason to have hope, to believe in themselves again, and to begin to heal physically and mentally. We do more for our children and families than any other agency. Our children are surrounded by people that are dedicated to offering them a different path in life. We have hands on Foster Care Coordinators, Mentors that we assign to our children, and incredible activities and programs that we provide on a weekly and monthly basis. Also, our families are surrounded by opportunities to receive the support and encouragement they deserve.

The Journey Home Family/Pod Concept

At Journey Home, we strive to be a close knit and family centered agency. We believe that establishing and maintaining strong connections with our children and with other foster families is a valuable aspect of our program. While our corporate office is located in Zanesville, Ohio, and our satellite office is located in Pickerington, Ohio, we have licensed foster families throughout the state. As a result, we have developed the Journey Home Pod Concept to maintain the closeness of our families. We currently have active Pods in Muskingum County, Coshocton County, Guernsey County, Licking County and Franklin County. Each Pod is comprised of several foster families located in the same area, and is assigned a Foster Care Coordinator and Skills Coach. They work directly with the families and children in the Pod, encouraging families to work together, help each other out and become an extended family unit. Each Pod also has local respite opportunities and agency activities within the immediate community for their children and families. So, whether you live in Columbus, Akron, or Marietta, Journey Home can work for you!

Welcoming All Families

Journey Home Foster Care is welcoming to all families to join us in an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children. Join us on this Journey! Journey Home provides specialized training and guidance to help you provide a nurturing and stable home for children who have been abused or neglected.

We are always in need of parents and families who can provide:

  • Homes for sibling groups of two or more
  • Homes for children of all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds
  • Homes for children of all sexual orientations
  • Homes for children with behavioral, emotional, developmental, physical, and/or medical special needs
  • Homes for teenagers

Journey Home does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, or military status.