Journey Home Foster Care Differences
The Differences

That Set Us Apart From Other Foster Care Agencies

We are not your ordinary foster care agency that just drops children off at a foster family’s door, leaving the rest of the work in the hands of the foster parents.

Journey Home’s purpose is to help children and support our foster parents. At Journey Home, we understand that children learn from their experiences. Children in foster care have already had many obstacles in life, and we want their experiences in foster care with us to be positive. We desire to build lasting connections to help children realize their potential, to give them a reason to have hope, to believe in themselves again, and to begin to heal physically and mentally. We do more for our children and families than any other agency. Our children are surrounded by people that are dedicated to offering them a different path in life. We have hands on Foster Care Coordinators, and Skills Coaches that we assign to our children, and incredible activities and programs that we provide on a weekly and monthly basis. Also, our families are surrounded by opportunities to receive the support and encouragement they deserve.

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