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Sally Ferguson

I was born in St. Thomas, USVI and raised both in the Caribbean and then in the states with our mother, Geri, and my older sister, Sarah. My father, George, is a native of the islands. We went through a lot of hurricanes and changes growing up. I learned how to put differences aside for the sake of survival during hard times. I also learned that surviving and thriving are two very different things and I prefer to work on the latter for myself and others. Our mother was a Spanish Teacher and our father was a car salesman. Despite their love for each other, they couldn’t make their marriage work. My parents divorced when I was 12 years old and this is when our mother moved me and my sister to the states. I graduated from Greenbrier East High School in Lewisburg, WV and attended college mostly at Marietta College in Marietta, OH. I graduated with my B.A. in Psychology in 2008 and my M.A. in Psychology in 2009. Through my experiences in working in daycares and afterschool programs and then interning at a local children service’s agency during my graduate degree program, I learned that I had a great passion for protecting children. That same year, I married my husband, Shawn, and we started our family in 2010. We now have three amazing children, three dogs, two cats, fish, and chickens! I have over ten years’ experience working with families in different communities. I have been an investigator, on-going worker, foster care assessor, and a service and support administrator (SSA). I enjoy helping people and keeping families together whenever possible. I also enjoy helping families improve their lives to allow reunification as well. I am passionate about caring for children, watching them grow and develop, and being a part of a team that helps bring families together. I have learned that life is a marathon, not a race. It’s important to provide all the support you can to families in need to help them navigate life events such as grief, untreated mental health issues, generational issues, and addiction. Life is a journey from one experience to the next and I have learned that grieving is a major part of the process after removals occur. That’s why we are here to help families become licensed and educated to support other families and their children. Journey Home goes above and beyond to provide the most positive, empathetic, and supportive environment for children and families. You won’t find a more caring team than the one at Journey Home Foster Care! Welcome to the family!

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