Which Foster Care Services Are Offered by
Journey Home?

Family Foster Care (Regular Foster Care) and Kinship Certification:
​We recruit, train, monitor, and license family foster homes to provide 24-hour care to children who
have been removed from their homes due to physical or emotional abuse, abandonment, or lack
of appropriate living situations.

Therapeutic Foster Care​:
Our 24-hour care is designed for children with serious emotional problems who may otherwise
require institutional treatment. We recruit, license and train professional foster-care parents to
care for children for lengths of stay ranging from 30 days to over 1 year with therapeutic
interventions.  Children in therapeutic foster care, often referred to as HCTC, need providers with
experience working with children who can support them emotionally and behaviorally.  Providers offering this level of care receive additional training and support to assist them in the care of
children placed in their care.

Emergency Foster Care: ​
Rapid placement of children who have recently been removed from their primary residence.  This
type of care is provided in a licensed home by providers who have flexible scheduling allowing
them to children out of crisis or in emergency situations.  Often very little is known about the client
and placements happen very quickly.

This service is provided in licensed homes to give families, children, and care givers planned
breaks from their current situation.  Respite is available to children in both regular and therapeutic
levels of foster care, with an ultimate goal to provide rest and relax to prevent more intensive
levels of care.​

Why Choose Journey Home? 

Journey Home Foster Care and Adoption programs exceeds the State’s minimum
requirements for becoming certified foster caregivers and approved adoptive
parents in the State of Ohio. The additional training and experience equips families
to meet the many needs of children placed in their care. Foster families at Journey
Home receive unparalleled service and attention, and adoptive family receive
support well past their date of finalization.


Benefits of Choosing Journey Home
• A professional case management team to help you through the process and
support for you throughout your time with Journey Home
• Experienced trainers who are knowledgeable in the child welfare system and
the needs of the children served
• 24/7 Parent Support for emergency situations
• Monthly Meetings
• Weekly and Monthly organized activities for the kids. A day out, that the foster parent
gets to enjoy off.
• Organized Foster Parent Events