Journey Home Foster Care & Adoption Agency - Diana Myers, MSW,  LISW-S - Executive Director Quality Moments

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Diana Myers, MSW, LISW-S
Executive Director Quality Moments

Hello everyone! I am a social worker, wife, soccer mom, grandma, and former foster parent. I love to cook and listen to 80’s Hair Band and 90’s Alternative music. I am also the Executive Director of Quality Moments, LLC. I have over 30 years of expertise in counseling families and individuals that are marginalized by society. My husband and I enjoyed 13 years of foster parenting approximately 65 children. I graduated with my Mater’s Degree from The Ohio State University and completed my undergraduate degree in social work from Ohio University. I am very active in the community supporting nonprofits such as feeding and housing the homeless. I believe in the equality of all humans and the strength of giving a hand up when a person is down. I am an advocate for children in foster care and people struggling with metal health issues and addiction. I am very passionate about sharing the message of permanency and stability for all children.

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