Journey Home Foster Care & Adoption Agency - Strupe Family

Meet the Strupe family. The Strupe family believes that the best miracles are the ones you don’t see coming. In 2013 the whole family got blessed with Kiara. We knew the connection and love that built a strong bond between us was one we never wanted to let go. We faced many challenges along the way but each challenge presented growth and brought us closer together. In 2017 she was finally adopted although we felt she was a part of the family to start. Unconditional love and patience for each other have kept our bond growing stronger and strengthened our relationship as time continues .She is now a successful adult working with children and we are very proud of the woman she has become.

In 2019 Savannah came into our family and was adopted in 2020 . There have been many struggles and many services that Journey Home has provided to us as a family to ensure that everyone works through emotions and behaviors. Our bond has remained strong throughout the entire adoption process and even after because of many of these services. Savannah formed connections with the people of Journey Home and always had someone to talk with and relate to from foster care coordinators and skills coaches, to going on monthly trips with kids who have been through similar situations. God has blessed our family and we are thankful everyday for the girls. Savannah is now a junior in high school and doing amazing , she has plans to be in the medical field after she graduates.

Although there have been many times that we struggle from stressful situations and behaviors , to have changed our minds would have meant to have missed out on the blessings God had planned for our family that we never knew we needed . Thank you to Journey Home for being our support system.

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