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Our story began like many others we had a strong desire to grow our family, but also wanted to be a temporary place children could be safe while their family worked to get them home. We weren’t sure what to expect but we thought we had a plan. About six weeks into our journey, we found our plan fading quickly. We had agreed to take children aged 0-5 with no significant delays or special needs. We felt those kids would need someone with more experience and truthfully, we didn’t know where to begin. Boy, where we wrong! Within two months we met a 10-year-old boy who was available for adoption and he quickly stole our hearts. He was moved to us soon after. We then decided to do some respite for two special needs brothers. There so sweet and the trust they put in us helped us build our own confidence. After a couple weekends of respite, we received a call, the boys had to be moved and would we be willing to take them. Absolutely, we will be happy to have them in our home. At the time the plan was still reunification. During the first visit with the caseworker, we learned they had a younger sister placed in a different home. Quickly into the placement with us things began to change and we were asked if the county moved to permanent custody, would we be willing to take sister so they can all have a chance to be together. Absolutely, even though we had planned to only take three kids at a time.

During that spring and summer, we grew to love all four children so much. We fell into such a good routine it was hard to remember a time before them. But out of the blue the oldest grandparents stepped forward. It was decided the best thing for him would be to move with them. We were all so upset and confused about how this happened. But we had to make peace with the decision and pray for God’s strength through all of it. In the end it was the right decision for everyone!

Within 24 hours of him leaving we got a call, two boys, one is 3 months old and the other is two years old, non-verbal and believed to have autism. But, ABSOLUTELY, was our answer again! By this time, we had our oldest son adopted and working on finalizing the adoption of our other two. So, we were happy to take placement of children whose bio parents were involved and doing great working their plan. For the first three months we really got to experience the fostering side of things. We had visits every week and we all worked hard to co-parent together. But as the holidays approached, we saw and heard from them less and less. Eventually they disappeared completely and the county moved for PC. So here we are, licensed for almost four years with three adopted children, in the process of adopting two more, and fostering three others. Yes, you counted right, that is eight children ranging from ages 1-14. And we couldn’t be happier! Our lives are so busy, chaotic, and LOUD! But also full of more love than we dreamed possible. Any heart break you may fear will be worth it to have the hugs and cuddles from the littles, the late-night talks with the teens, and all the laughter in between.

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