One of the first and also one of the most important steps foster and adoptive parents complete is Pre-Service training. Required by the State of Ohio, these classes are designed to educate you about the children available for adoption and to prepare you to parent them. This training is broken down into twelve modules covering different topics relevant to foster care and adoption, including support and services offered every step of the way. We are now offering them on-line to take from the comfort of your home.



July 18, 2022 Module 1-2 6pm TO 9pm

July 19, 2022 Module 3-4 6pm TO 9pm

July 20, 2002 Module 5-6 6pm to 9pm

July 25, 2022 Module 7-8 6pm to 9pm

July 26, 2022 Module 9-10 6pm to 9pm

July 27, 2022 Module 11-12 6pm to 9pm

Attendance at Pre-Service Training is a requirement for all foster and adoptive applicants.  This will be offered virtually via zoom.  You must be present for the entire class to receive credit. 

Contact Melissa at 740-207-1055 or

e-mail to register or simply click on the link below.