Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Foster Care?

Foster Care Provides: • A safe home for a child or teen • Stability • Opportunity for siblings to stay together • Opportunity to facilitate the reunification of families

What is the charge for becoming a foster parent?

There is no charge to become a foster parent. A fee is charged for adoption
services and child & family counseling services. Fees are based on the actual cost of
services and may be modified on individual need.

What do foster parents do?

Being a foster parent closely resembles that of any parent providing day-to- day
supervision and support for their children in a stable and loving home environment.
And yet, foster parenting is different than parenting your own child in so many
ways because your foster children will not have the same foundation as the other
children you have parented. Some foster parents refer to their role as foster
parenting as “parenting plus” or “conscious parenting.” It will not always be the
natural parenting styles that you are accustomed to.

What if I get attached to my foster child?

We hope you do!! Experienced foster parents see helping a child move on to the
place they are meant to be as part of their ministry. This can be hard, but there is
deep satisfaction in knowing you have been effective in making a difference in a
child’s life. As one family put it, “We know God has His hands on their lives. He
brought them to us, we prayed for them, and we know that God will not let our
efforts be in vain.” We want you to plant the seeds so that someday – maybe not
while they are with you – they may grow!

Why should I become a foster parent?

Foster Care Provides:
– A safe home for a child or teen
– Stability and Structure
– Opportunity for siblings to stay together
– Opportunity to facilitate the reunification of families
– Opportunity for children and families to walk a different path on their journey